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Lanyard Clips

We can provide any type of clip you require on request. from a simple G-Clip to a fully customized clip.
Here are a small selection of the clips available

The Tigger lanyard clip is one of the most common lanyard clips available. This clip comes as standard with all of our lanyards. This is a metal clip and provides a strong clasp. Itoperate by pushing the lever to open the gate. The Dog clip is another common clip for our lanyards, this lanyard clips comes in plastic and metal and operates by simply pushing the one way gate open against the obejct to which it will be attached, the lanyard clip is design in mind of a quick clasping mechanism
lanyardclip This is the same type of clip that is used in sport activities and rock climbing due to its strength and resilient. It operates via a one way push gate, making clasping the lanyard very easy. This lanyard clip can be made in any colour lanyardclip The Stylish Lobster clip works in much the same way as the Dog clip, it attaches to the lanyard via a metal ring and provides easy clasping via a one way gate, by pushing the clips gate against the object to which it will attach.
The G-clip is a good clip is security is an issue with your lanyard, the clip operates on a spring mechanism where by the gate is opened by pulling the lever down on the side, this mechanism makes this clip more secure than the one way gate clips This lanyard clip is a bottle opener, very usefully for jobs where the wearer is serving drinks or bottled liquids or just as a handy side feature for your lanyard. Ideally for Bar staff who are required to move around allot, e.g. a promotional or outdoor event.
The safety break lanyard clip is best suited to lanyards which will be warn in dangerous environments, e.g. prisons, mental care units, construction etc... the clip is designed to break apart when force is applied to it, to prevent injury. This clip is available as plastic or metal and is designed with a safety feature where by the lanyard clip will break apart when force is applied to prevent injury.
All our lanyards can be produced with multiple clips attached as shown in the image to the left. Any of our clips can be mixed together on one lanyard on your request. If you require a clip for a custom or specific item we can provide you with a customized lanyard clip made to your specification, like the one shown in image to the left which was designed to hold custom a oudoor event pass.

To order a specific lanyard clip please purchase your lanyard using our 3 step ordering system, once you have done this you will receive a confirmation call, this is the stage where you can request a specific clip
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