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Our custom printed lanyards can incorporate your company's logo or any other design you wish, which can be printed or woven into the lanyard. We can match any Pantone or CMYK colours in the lanyard material itself or the print design and we will work with you to produce a lanyard design to your exact specification.

Lanyards can be produced using ribbon, or a bootlace style cord. The lanyards are made to your choice of width (typically 1cm-2.5cm) can incorporate a dog clip, swivel clip or a crocodile clip as standard, for no extra cost. For a small additional charge, we can incorporate a safety release fitting, or a buckle release.

Lanyards provide excellent value for money for promotional give-aways, particularly in large quantities, making them perfect for promoting your company.

Printed Polyester Ribbed Lanyards

Our best value printed lanyard packages incorporate the simplicity of an off the shelf single colour printed lanyard with the flexibility of being able to print your logo and specify your individual lanyard requirements such as; width, clips and badge holders. Cheap lanyards can be made to look like much expensive alternatives, through using high quality clips and badge holders, or by using a high quality printed plastic pass. The printed ribbed lanyards are suitable for all applications and are customisable should the need arise with break clips (at an extra cost) as well as being available in multiple printed colours. Printed ribbed lanyards can be supplied within 3 weeks from the date of order.  

Polyester Lanyards

Polyester is our standard lanyard material for lanyards as it can easily be printed to your exact design and provides an excellent, cost-effective way to promote your name, logo, or key marketing message to your audience. Supplied with all our standard lanyard accessories in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and colours there are many things you can do to customise your lanyard.

Our 1cm and 2cm wide x 90cm long polyester lanyards are flat polyester lanyards with your design printed repeating along entire length. The Lanyard is assembled with your selection of fitting from Dog lead clip, standard swivel, executive swivel clip or croc clip. Standard lanyard colours are available, and lanyards matched to your CMYK or Pantone colour can be supplied in minimum quantities of 250.


Woven Satin Lanyards

Our satin neck lanyards are extremely high quality woven lanyards. The high level of definition made possible by satin weave means that your logo can be reproduced in fine detail, and they are softer and more comfortable on the skin making them ideal for VIPs or any applications where that extra touch of quality is desired. These deluxe lanyards are perfect for that special occasion or client, and will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

They are manufactured to your desired width, typically between 1cm and 2.5cm. We will match any Pantone or CMYK colours according to your requirements. As with all our lanyards these incorporate a side release hook, swivel clip or a crocodile clip and safety breaks and quick release buckles can be added for a small extra charge.

PET Dye Sublimation Lanyards

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When quality is of the highest importance, dye sublimation lanyards are a custom manufactured lanyard, that one would normally consider to be a wholesale priced, high volume production lanyard. The professional corporate lanyard is taken to a new level with high quality images being embedded in the lanyard at a production level. This lanyard is perfect for conferences, events, concerts and other corporate environments when a versatile solution is required. These lanyards can be supplied with a variety of clips and accessories from breakpoints to mobile phone clips and can be supplied within 3 weeks from the date of order.  

Woven Lanyards

High quality woven lanyards are a more versatile alternative to our cost effective best value lanyards. Woven lanyards enable an image or text to be stitched into the fabric of the neck strap, giving a branded high quality representation of a corporate logo, picture, or brand name. The branded lanyard can be supplied with any of our clips, and can be made compatible with health and safety requirements with breakpoints and extra clips. Woven lanyards can be supplied within X weeks from date of order.  

PVC Injection Lanyards

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A new addition to our lanyard range is the PVC lanyard which gives you a totally unique soft and flexible effect. These are a printed lanyard which can be personalised to incorporate your own design using screen printing which delivers crisp reproduction of your logo or other graphics. These are a bespoke product so therefore can be made to almost any specification of width, length, colour and attachment.  

Lanyard Passes

A wide range of passes are available ranging from plastic credit card style and accreditation style passes. Plastic passes can be used for a wide variety of applications including promotional cards, membership passes and access cards. The durable nature of the cards mean that they are perfect for use as security cards, or as an identity document or id pass. In a retail environment a plastic card pass could be used as a store card or discount pass, in an education environment, the cards make excellent access cards, security cards, or identity documents for either a library or for a photo pass identity document.

The traditional printed pass inserted into a plastic holder is still a popular choice amongst many conference clients, where a printed pass is inserted into a plastic sleeve which is attached to a lanyard by means of a clip or clasp.

Lanyard Pass
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